Our Team

AgiliShare Solutions Group team is made up of Certified Technology Professionals with years of experience in managing advanced technologies. AgiliShare Solutions Group staff are seasoned; Network Engineers, Application Developers, Solutions Consultants, Business and Systems Analyst who have both the technical and business expertise to make solid recommendations for your business in language that everyone can understand.

Agilishare Solutions Group
  • Structured business requirements identification and definition process
  • Standardized methodologies & frameworks to achieve business goals providing significant cost savings
  • Process oriented development methodology
  • Stringent quality assurance process
  • Controlled deployment procedures
  • Consistently delivering on time and on budget

AgiliShare Solutions Group a Microsoft Partner helps businesses make informed decisions, and smoothly implement and optimize Technology investments. AgiliShare covers the complete spectrum of Microsoft technologies and business solutions to take a holistic view of how your business interoperates with your IT infrastructure.

  • Consultative Whiteboard Session: An interactive roundtable session with a AgiliShare Consultant. The session is focused on helping you understand how our tailored technology solutions fit into your business technology plans.
  • Assessment: Assessments are designed to help you make informed decisions to maximize the benefits of our solutions in your unique environment.
  • Roadmap: Our Roadmap process allows you to lay out a well thought out plan for how our solutions can add value within your organization now and in the future.
  • Design: Design services lay the path for success by providing a comprehensive and detailed architecture and implementation plan.
  • Implementation: Our consultants have a deep technical understanding and will work closely with our clients to provide successful and measurable implementations.
  • Support: Take advantage of AgiliShare’s ongoing support services.

AgiliShare Solution Group Consultants assist customers in finding innovative ways to leverage and use custom tailored technology solutions . We help our clients take advantage of our Software as a Service model, portals and collaboration practice as the “glue” that ties its disparate people, processes and systems together to create a unified and efficient business platform.

AgiliShare Consultants have deep expertise in developing highly-customized deliverables supporting the correct approach and Solution Design. Utilizing our technology experience, business process knowledge. We implement solutions that increase the effectiveness of your processes and drive measurable business value.

AgiliShare Solutions Group team collaborates with clients to transform or migrate platforms into a business tool that greatly enhances organizational communication and collaboration that facilitate access to business critical information.

AgiliShare Solutions Group helps you make informed decisions, and smoothly implement and optimize your Microsoft investments. We cover the complete spectrum of Microsoft technologies and business solutions to take a holistic view of how your business interoperates with your IT infrastructure. Our proven delivery approach enables us to tailor technology solutions that meet your specific requirements while mitigating project risk to ensure on-time, on-budget delivery.

  • We consult and provide alternative methods to control and often reduce cost through our Software and Custom application subscription services.
  • We plan to leverage content management system to centrally design, manage, share and publish portal content.
  • We initiate advanced social networking features that enhances collaboration and communication while enhancing the ability to create, share, manage and approve business information
  • Combine existing business applications while improving existing business processes.
  • Create feature rich dashboards and reports with real time user specific information